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Peter Wegner:
Paintings and Drawings
Neue Konkrete Kunst
Galerie m Bochum
Peter Wegner
* 1963 Sioux Falls, South Dakota
lives and works in Berkely and San Francisco, California

Peter Wegner is an American artist who grew up in South Dakota and graduated from Yale. Working across disciplines, Wegner creates large-scale installations as well as paintings, sculptures, photographs, works on paper and artist books. Color and language often feature prominently in his artwork.
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Slender sculptures made of rock and air.
The works in this series use the translucent mineral muscovite, commonly known as mica.
Since the mica occurs naturally, it contains small traces of other minerals.
The mica has been cut, drilled, stapled and pinned.

from the series MINERAL LOGIC, 2012
cut and stapled Mica
approx. 42 x 35 cm and 32 x 24,5 cm

Crowds, 2006
Acrylic on canvas on wood
5 parts, total 203 x 117 cm