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Lee Ufan
* 1936 Kyongnam, South-Korea
lives and works in Japan and Paris, France

My work is simple, it consists in just putting in relation an industrial iron plate and a natural stone.
This term of the relation is supposed to stimulate a silent and meditative place.
The motive of my work is border and ambivalence, visible and invisible, silence and dialogue.
It deals also with the correspondence between made and unmade.

This year Galerie m Bochum will dedicate a special area within the booth to Lee Ufan. The presentation will include early drawings (1976), a sculpture from 1978 as well as the painting Dialogue.

More Information: Lee Ufan at Galerie m Bochum


Dialogue, 2007
Oil on Stone Pigment on Canvas
227 x 182 cm

untitled, 1978
steel block, cord
150 x 20 x 15 cm (block), 250 cm (cord)

untitled, 1976
Graphite on cardboard
each 8 x 108,5 x 2 cm