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Paintings and Drawings
Neue Konkrete Kunst
Galerie m Bochum
Richard Serra
* 2.11.1939 San Francisco, Kalifornien

Serra´s drawings evolve as part of his constant, intensive interrogation of his own sculptural work. While he continually develops
the concept of the sculptures in an ongoing process, he attempts to capture their quality again and again from fresh perspectives
with his drawings series. But the drawings do not merely constitute a depiction of the sculpture or an illustration of space.
The spatial effect the viewer perceives when looking at the drawings emerges instead from the way in which our eyes follow the
circular line drawn across the paper. Serra´s drawings not only take up a fruitful dialogue with his sculptures, but also lay claim
to a completely independent significance and standing in his artistic repertoire.

More Information: Richard Serra at Galerie m Bochum


Sign Board Prop, 1969/87
Plumb, antimony plate
130 x 130 x 2,5 cm, roll length 78 cm

Revolve, 2001
Oilstick on handmade paper
91 x 77 cm

Tracks (#39), 2007
Oilstick on paper
110 x 108 cm