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Neue Konkrete Kunst
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Gotthard Graubner
* 1930 Erlbach (Vogtland)

With unerring consistency and impressive intensity Graubner allows color to become an autonomous force in his paintings, continually taking fresh approaches to exploring its qualities and its irrational power to influence us. Released from its servitude as a mere means of representing other things, color is a fundamental pictorial element in Graubner’s works, unfolding in manifold rich nuances a fascinating inner life that goes beyond the flat surface of the canvas, radiating out to create its own color space. In the course of his investigations, especially during the process of creating his object-like color space bodies, he becomes entangled deeper and deeper in an “adventure, [...] that never ends.”(Graubner)

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ohne Titel, 1969
Mischtechnik auf Perlon, ca. 37 x 37 cm

bala sai, 2002
mixed media on canvas over synthetic padding on canvas
103 x 103 x 12 cm

warun, 1989/90
mixed media on canvas over synthetic padding over canvas
124 x 105 x 12 cm